About Equipeople



Equipeople was set up in 1995 with the aim of finding opportunities for young Irish people to travel abroad and broaden their experience in the equestrian and agricultural sectors. We have been working with excellent partner organisations worldwide for over twenty years now and those trusted partners ensure our people have unforgettable adventures and experiences.

Equipeople began life as an employment agency providing staff to the equestrian industry in Ireland. As global work experience became more and more important we have developed our relationships with embassies and contacts abroad to assist with visa applications and to make these vital opportunities more accessible for young Irish people.

The Equipeople Group continues its work providing an outbound work experience programme for Irish agricultural students, an inbound service for European students hoping to gain agricultural work experience in Ireland and bespoke study tours catered to an individual group’s needs.

We are proud to launch an exciting new venture within the Equipeople Group outbound services – Volunteering Abroad.  Gap year students or students on summer holiday, individuals on a career break or those looking to discover something new, can travel abroad gaining insights into different cultures, traditions and breath-taking scenery whilst making a difference to the lives of local communities, children and wildlife.

A fully-supported volunteering experience, the programmes have a proven track record of providing sustainable, beneficial and sometimes crucial aid to the local project.  24-hour back-up, on-site experts and safe accommodation within secure project bases ensure our Irish volunteers do not find themselves in uncontrollable or dangerous situations and always have the support they need whilst travelling abroad whilst being assured that the money they invest into the project will be used where it is needed the most.

There has never been a better time to travel and to experience the ever changing world. The scope for broadening skills and enhancing knowledge is vast. Equipeople continuously strive towards providing the all-important link between these great opportunities and the young Irish people who want to avail of them. Travel not only broadens the mind but it also enables you to develop skills that lead to better careers.

We have contacts all over the world so if there is somewhere special you would like to go, give us a call.

Follow your dream, call Equipeople 057 8643195 or contact Equipeople via email.